Stay Tuned for Summer Reading!

Registration starts Wednesday, June 20 and goes through Thursday June 30
It’s that time of year again! This year’s theme is Oceans of Possibilities. Get ready to head to the beach, plunder like a pirate and explore the ocean life! But get out of the water before the sharks attack! Check our Facebook page and our website at for upcoming video updates on how the program works! All Ages!

End of Summer Reading Wrap Up!

You All read 61,904 minutes!

That’s 1,032 hours, averaging 23 hours per child, which is 4.5 hours per week!

Awesome Job, everyone!

Week 5 – Minutes

Remember, the program ends Friday 8/6, so all minutes must be submitted by Friday at 2:30 pm

Click here to submit your minutes!

Tune in Saturday for all the winner Announcements!!

BIG NEWS! Yellow team has taken the lead!!

What you read during Week 5 will be a big deal for your team!! Stay tuned to find out who comes out on top!

Week 4 – Minutes

Submit Week 4 minutes by clicking right here!