Week 5 Minutes!

Here it is . . . the final submission.

Thank you to everyone for your unwavering commitment and your abundant reading!

Included in this form, you will find two surveys: one to be filled out by the parent/guardian and one (Click “Next”) required by the state for the child. Please allow them to answer their own questions with your help 🙂

Team Minutes Update!

After 4 weeks, the Red team maintains their lead! Reading done this week will determine the final outcome. Give it your all, readers!!

Week 3 Minutes!

Gather ’round Summer Readers, Week 3 minutes are in! There will be one more update next week but final reveal will be at our Prize Presentation on 8/5. Mark your calendars to attend!!

Team Update!

📣 Attention Summer Readers! 📣 Week 2 results are in!

❤️Red Team❤️ did it again but 💙Blue Team💙 is closing the gap! Keep up the good work, everyone!

Way to Go, Red Team!

You are currently in the lead after Week One!

Summer Reading 2022 Questions Answered!

Summer Reading Sign-ups start soon! If you’ve got questions, Miss Summer has answers!