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End of Summer Reading Wrap Up!

You All read 61,904 minutes! That’s 1,032 hours, averaging 23 hours per child, which is 4.5 hours per week! Awesome Job, everyone!

Week 5 – Minutes

Remember, the program ends Friday 8/6, so all minutes must be submitted by Friday at 2:30 pm Click here to submit your minutes! Tune in Saturday for all the winner Announcements!!

Week 4 – Team Minutes

BIG NEWS! Yellow team has taken the lead!! What you read during Week 5 will be a big deal for your team!! Stay tuned to find out who comes out on top!

Week 4 – Minutes

Submit Week 4 minutes by clicking right here!

Week 3 – Team Minutes

Week 3 – Top Readers!

Week 3 – Forest (Youth)

Week 2 – Minutes

Submit week 2 minutes by clicking here! Submit by Sunday night (7/18) for a chance to be the biggest reader!

Week 2 – Farm! (PreK)

Week 2 – Farm (Teens)